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Persian Gulf Trading Co.

Persian Gulf Trading Co.

Supply High Quality Persian Saffron, Caviar, Pistachio, Dates, Dried Fruits, Facial Tissues, etc

Persian Online Store

Supply High Quality Persian Souvenirs, Metalwork, Saffron, Persian Carpet, Farsi Books, Sculpture, etc

Nuts Market

Supply High Quality Persian Saffron, Dried Fruits, Pistachio, Dates, Dried Vegetables, Persian Tea, etc


Transfer money to Iran. Paypal, S.W.I.F.T, BITCOIN, MoneyGram, Western Union, Perfect Money, etc

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GlobalB2BTrade.com, is a leading platform for international online trade. It is a massive B2B marketplace that connects you with a wide range of exporters, manufacturers, and importers belonging to diverse backgrounds from across the world with focusing on the market of Iran and Middle East. We strive to bring ease to your business with our innovative and effective solutions.

GlobalB2BTrade.com, as one of the top global online B2B marketplace, is dedicated to serving as a convenient way of corporate transactions with comprehensive business solutions that are suitable for both domestic and global businesses. We have introduced experience and excellence in our broad array of services. It is a chance for all the retailers, exporters, and vendors to enjoy the extensive trade opportunities and find buyers instantly with the best global B2B portal. As a reputable global Business to Business marketplace, we resume to develop excellent services and assist businesses in doing more and discovering new realms of opportunities.

GlobalB2BTrade B2B marketplace Bridging The Gap Between Buyers And Suppliers:

GlobalB2BTrade.com is said to be the unifying online B2B marketplace that delivers a trouble-free platform for all the buyers, manufacturers, and retailers where they can connect and proceed with their business operations instantaneously. Our global online B2B website stands a vast array of intelligent and sophisticated features, specially designed to cater to the diverse requirements of global buyers and sellers.

GlobalB2BTrade.com has garnered noticeable popularity since its inception and has morphed into a secure and suitable Global B2B marketplace that allows global business operations. Bolstering and serving the Business to Business trade industry, which makes up a substantial share in the global economy, our international B2B portal is well versed in exposing you to the limitless possibilities and furnishing you with tailored results. It has executed a vital role in amplifying and accelerating online business development. We encourage suppliers and importers across a wide range of industries to form international business alliances, ranging in volume and geographical locations. As a result of our excellent business approach, we deliver reliable revenue-generating leads for businesses. Furthermore, GlobalB2BTrade.com also awards the opportunity to all the international traders to stay up to date with the contemporary market trends and the latest products of the industry.

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Join us to grow your business faster with our platform that is easy to navigate and offers the best-discounted rates to meet your expectations and beyond. At GlobalB2BTrade.com, we believe that everyone should get the chance to reach the international market. Through technology and innovation, we have made it possible for traders to easily meet the businesses of their choice. You can find what you are looking for from a vast directory of millions of suppliers across lipstick vendorslip gloss manufacturers, and more.

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GlobalB2BTrade.com is a store like no other. Known globally, it is a contemporary e-commerce platform focusing on offering exceptional trade services. With thorough industrial knowledge, we are also involved in distributing and supplying a comprehensive collection of disposable surgical face masks, earloop masks, N95 Face Masks, etc. We’re committed to helping the importers by furnishing them with an extensive directory of global face shield manufacturers, face mask distributor, and face mask suppliers. At GlobalB2BTrade.com, we endeavor to deliver the right products and the best services across every channel we serve. GlobalB2BTrade.com is a rapidly growing company that extends immense opportunities for all global traders. Our platform is a widely recognized commercial online trade store known for delivering an excellent shopping experience.

GlobalB2BTrade Bringing Innovations To The International Trading Operations:

GlobalB2BTrade.com is made up of every entrepreneur or traders’ dream. Identifying the value and power beholden by the internet, we have transformed our wholesale B2B marketplace into producing equal practical business opportunities for everyone. Traders must endorse online presence in the competitive arena to promote their businesses and earn global appeal. The persistent wrestle among B2B traders to modify their business along with attracting more potential customers and cracking more bountiful deals accounted for a globally outstretched wholesale B2B portal, and GlobalB2BTrade.com with all its efficient tools and policies fill in perfectly.

GlobalB2BTrade.com is engaged in furnishing business with efficient and productive tools. The firms registered with our portal are permitted to benefit from all the available business opportunities. Whether they wish to order products, submit their bid, review company profile, receive information about the latest offering, and view all the listed products or services, with GlobalB2BTrade, everything is possible. Moreover, our clients enjoy the chance to operate in multiple markets and receive maximum benefits.

We drive businesses in the right direction. GlobalB2BTrade.com utilizes a rich array of resources and industry experts to enable business operations to proceed appropriately without any indication of error.

Our global B2B marketplace is well equipped with leading business professionals having deep and intense knowledge about international challenges. The scope of GlobalB2BTrade is vast. It can assist businesses to discover new markets, along with expanding their horizon with amplified reach.

Boost Your Business With GlobalB2BTrade.com In Middle East & Iran

Premium Membership:

Premium Memberships with GlobalB2BTrade provides the ideal chance to invest in your company’s growth. By becoming an active part of our team, you can avail the possibility to enrich your brand image, enhance the company’s international trade, and create positive feedback through increased visibility options. Premium Membership also entitles you with the multi-user license, customer support, business dashboard, media promotions, and a lot more.

The premium membership features of GlobalB2BTrade, empower business to become a prominent part of our portal and receive augmented privileges as compared to the free members. Premium Membership permits you to inflate your business network and give an international identity to your company. Whether you wish to grow your network, enhance your brand’s visibility, or differentiate your products, premium membership addresses all your needs.

Market Research Solutions:

GlobalB2BTrade also provides exemplary solutions for all its members to get closer to their potential customers via intensive market research. Product & Market research can help you to understand the requirements and demands of your targeted audience better. This gathered information can also assist in future endeavors with regards to planning or fabricating new products. Members can subscribe to collect vital industry information and make decisions dependent on awareness. Know everything from pricing to effective sourcing strategies.

Brand Building Solutions:

We are experts at providing brand-building solutions. Advertise your brand to stimulate and maintain your identity. In this digital age, benefit with the far-reaching ability of the internet and its modern, optimized solutions with us. Strategized branding, carefully chosen targeted audience, international penetration, and lastly, rich online viewership; all this is possible through GlobalB2BTrade’s brand-building solutions.

Key Features Of Our Global B2B Platform:

GlobalB2BTrade empowers you to trade with assurance and generate real-time alliances with importers, distributors, buyers, etc. of the industry from all across the world. We are proudly holding a vast directory of active buyers and sellers, smart designs, and advanced tools that permit us to strive with aggressive marketing techniques and furnish our clients with the best results. GlobalB2BTrade is the absolute choice for all the traders who wish to develop and mature their brand internationally. We are delivering robust, advanced, and consistent trading solutions, converging millions of potential businesses under one hood. Our doors are open for all small and established B2B enterprises to explore new business horizons.

D2D – Digital to Direct:

Profit from the innovative Digital to Direct services like never before. To provide effective branding solutions and personalized customer experience, GlobalB2BTrade equally emphasizes the importance of humans and artificial intelligence. GlobalB2BTrade is formulated with the objective to furnish the ideal opportunities for all traders to reap mutual interests through connecting and forming authentic business alliances via Digital to Direct interactions. We have expanded the scope of business by combining the positive points of both the concepts and putting forward a plan in action that involves artificial intelligence as well as human-based services.

International Sales Manager – ISM:

GlobalB2BTrade is well versed in helping you to find your potential customers, order closures, and assisting you in making the right business decisions to strengthen your brand with the help of dedicated and market-leading international sales manager. With the far-sighted vision, we are efficient in promoting your brand on various social networks, suggesting the next trade show to attend and overall empowering brands through our intensive industry understanding.