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DOLPHIN, Swimming Pool Paint

DOLPHIN, Swimming Pool Paint, is formulated and composed based on latest technology of water resistant structure and quick dry resins. This product provides a superior adhesion on concrete, brick and cement surfaces with high resistant against abrasion.

Technical Specifications (for white color) at 25°C
Theoretical coverage 9-10 m²/ Lit
Touch dry time Max. 1 Hour
Recoating time Min. 24 Hours
Flash point 38⁰C
Recommended for DOLPHIN, Swimming Pool Paint, is generally recommended for painting swimming pools and water reservoirs.
Key Benefits Super washable, suitable dry time, easy to apply, excellent adhesion, excellent coverage, environment friendly are the advantages of this product. It also shows a good resistance against UV & atmospheric elements and is resistant to abrasion.
Surface preparation Surface must be clean from contamination, any rust, dust or grease. Remove any old and flaking paint from the surface to achieve a smooth surface. Brush or Sand the surface if needed.
Application methods Brush, Roller or spray paint gun
How to Apply Fill up the pool with clean water and empty it Two (2) weeks later to clear the concrete surfaces of any alkali Salt. Use a metal brush to clean the pool’s area surfaces if necessary. Painting should be done in sunny weather. Dilute DOLPHIN, Swimming Pool Paint, with proper amount of special Pool Paint Thinner or Alvan’s Reactive Thinner. Initially paint a layer to fill and cover pores and holes of the pool’s area surfaces. Apply one coat of DOLPHIN, Swimming Pool Paint, to fill all pores, and apply the next coat 24 hours later. To achieve a full penetration into concrete pores and holes and to increase paint adhesion, first coat should be applied by brush. Dilute DOLPHIN, Swimming Pool Paint, only with Alvan Pool Thinner ( ALCO 2800) or (ALCO 3234). Amount of diluting is depending on environment temperature, the substrate and applying tools. In a normal condition the diluting rate for applying by brush is 40 to 45% and with sprayer is 45 to 50%. Depends on the weather the pool may be filled after 72 hours to One week after drying completely. The recommended temperature for applying & painting this products is 10⁰ C, surface temperature of 3⁰ C, above the dew point and humidity level of less than 80%.
Cleaning Up Clean hands and wash tools with white spirit thinner and dry immediately. Follow the safety instructions of white spirit`s manufacturer.
Safety & Storage Recommendations Keep the can in dry, cool place and away from direct sunlight. Tighten the can lid. It is recommended to use this product within 48 months from the production date, provided the standard storing conditions are followed. Ensure good ventilation during application. While applying, it is advisable to wear eye protection. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If swallowed seek medical advice.


  • Port : Bandar Abbas / Iran
  • Type : Paint
  • Place of Origin : Iran
  • Grade : A+++ / Permium

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