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We provide and export RADIANT, Alkyd Varnish to Arabian countries daily. Express shipping is available.

Persian Gulf Trading Co.

We export & import all kind of product from Iran.
We do customs clearance works.
Importing from Iran.
Export of Goods to Iran.
Clearance goods from office of customs and deliver to the destination in Iran.
We do all the steps of customs clearance in the fastest time.
We export all kind of fresh vegetables, Food & Beverage and many other product to Arabian countries daily.

Located: Bandar Abbas.

القيام بكافة الأمور المتعلقة باستيراد وتصدير البضائع من إيران
القيام بالشؤون الجمركية وتخليص البضائع
الاستيراد إلى إيران
تصدير من إيران
تخليص البضائع وتسليمها إلى الوجهة في إيران
القيام بجميع أعمال الجمارك في أقصر وقت
تصدير الخضروات والفواكه والأغذية والمشروبات إلى الدول العربية بشكل يومي
تصدير جميع أنواع السجاد والكافيار والزعفران والمنتجات البترولية

الموقع: بندرعباس

RADIANT, Alkyd Varnish

RADIANT Alkyd Varnish is produced based on the most updated formulas in paint industry, with compatibility for various climates.

Technical Specifications (for white color) at 25°C
Theoretical Coverage 14-15 m²/ Lit
Touch dry time Max. 4 Hour
Recoating time Min. 16 Hours
Flash point 38⁰C
Recommended for RADIANT, Alkyd Varnish is a solvent-based lacquer and is recommended for protection and decoration of interior wood surfaces, furniture, cabinets, doors and similar applications. Its high adhesion character prevents air penetration to the wooden substrate.
key benefits Super washable, suitable dry time, easy to apply, excellent adhesion, excellent coverage, environment are the advantages of this product. It also shows a good resistance against atmospheric elements and abrasion.
Surface Preparation Surface must be clean from contamination, any rust, dust and grease. Remove any old and flaking paint from the surface to achieve a smooth surface. Sand the surface if needed.
Application methods Brush, Roller, Spray
How to Apply Dilute, RADIANT, Alkyd Varnish with adequate amount of white spirit and apply it on surface. Amount of diluting is depending on environment temperature, the substrate and applying methods. In a normal condition the thinned lacquer may contain 30-35% of thinner (by weight) for applying by brush, 20% for applying by roller, and 45-50% for applying by spray.
The proper amount of WHITE SPIRIT to this varnish should be added gradually during the dilution process.
The recommended temperature for applying and painting this product is 10⁰ C , surface temperature of 3⁰ C above the dew point and humidity less than 80%.
Cleaning Up Clean hands and painting tools and any spilled paint on the ground after use with white spirit and dry immediately. Follow the safety instructions of white spirit`s manufacturer.
Safety & Storage Recommendations Keep the can in dry, cool place and away from direct sunlight. Tighten the can lid. It is recommended to use this product within 48 months from the production date, provided the standard storing conditions are followed.
Ensure good ventilation during application. When painting, it is advisable to wear mask and eye protection. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If swallowed seek medical advice.

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  • Packaging : Based on Customer Request
  • Port : Bandar Abbas / Iran
  • Type : Varnish
  • Place of Origin : Iran
  • Grade : A+++ / Permium

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