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FANTASTIC, Acrylic Silicon Paint (Interior)

PALACE, Acrylic Silicon Paint is used for a beautiful & durable finish on exterior surfaces such as plaster, cement, brick, cement composition panels, and wood. PALACE, Acrylic Silicon Paint is also recommended for a wet and humid environment and surfaces. Due to its breathability feature, PALACE, Acrylic Silicon Paint allows excessive moisture to escape from the concrete without causing blistering or loss of adhesion to the paint. It is resistance against water and alkaline substance’s penetration.

Technical Specifications (for white color) at 25°C
Theoretical Coverage 10-12 m²/ Lit
Touch dry time Max. 1 Hours
Recoating time Min. 3 Hours
Recommended for PALACE, Acrylic Silicon Paint is recommended for exterior use, on all, wood, plaster, cement, brick and cement composition panel surfaces.
key benefits Breathability, suitable drying time, ease of to application, dilutes with water, excellent abrasion resistance, sunlight and UV resistance, environmentally friendly, excellent surface coverage, free of unpleasant odor, are advantages of using this product.
Surface Preparation Surface must be clean from contamination, any rust, dust or grease. Remove any old and flaking paint from the surface to achieve a smooth surface. Sand the surface if needed. Cement surfaces must be cleaned by water jet and should be completely dry before painting.
Application methods Brush, Roller, Spray
Stir the content well before use. Applying by spray method is suggested.
How to Apply 2) Applying a layer of Acrylic Silicon Water-Based Sealer (ALCO-3308) is necessary before painting. Sealer acts as filler and its high adhesion and absorption ability makes a durable finish. This sealer is recommended for plaster, concrete, brick and cement composite panel surfaces. Surfaces must be dried before applying this product.
3) Dilute PALACE, Acrylic Silicon Paint with sufficient amount of water and apply it on the surface. Dilution ratio of PALACE, Acrylic Silicon Paint and water depends on the substrate, environmental temperature and painting tools. In normal weather and standard applying condition the thinned paint may contain 15-20% of (water) thinner (by weight) for applying by brush, 5-10% for applying by roller, and 20-25% for applying by spray paint gun. Apply this product on the corners, edges and welded spots using brush and roller, after spraying all the surfaces.
4) The recommended temperature for applying this paint is 10-35°C, surface temperature of 3⁰C above the dew point and humidity level of less than 50%.
5) To apply this product, the spraying method is recommended.
Cleaning Up Clean hands with warm water and soap. Wash painting tools to prevent from corrosion, after use with white spirit thinner and dry immediately. Follow the safety instructions of white spirit`s manufacturer.


  • Color : Based on Request, Multi Color
  • Packaging : Based on Customer Request
  • Port : Bandar Abbas / Iran
  • Type : Paint
  • Place of Origin : Iran
  • Grade : A+++ / Permium

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