• 2020/11/23 2:54 pm
  • Turkey
Pump’s Model MTS-230 K 2 Membranes Pump With Pulley and Regulator
Flow Rate (L. / M.) 30
Speed R.P.M 540
Power HP / KW 3,5 kw
Number of Pistons 2
Maximum Pressure / Bar 35 Bar
Kind of Used Oil 20w50
Oil Tank Capacity / L. 0,70 L
Dimension / cm 25 x 35 x 35 cm
Weight / kg 13,15 kg

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  • Port : Any port in Turkey
  • Brand Name : MERTSAN PUMPS
  • Place of Origin : Turkey
  • Barometer : 35
  • Material : Ionized Aluminum
  • Model Number : MTS 230 K

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