B2B E-Commerce: Leveraging B2B Content Marketing for E-Commerce in 2020

As a business, the way you interact with customers is totally different from how you interact with other businesses. In fact, interactions with other businesses can be downright impersonal, and strictly transactional… Although your interactions are for business-related purposes, it doesn’t have to be so cold.

In business to business relations, ultimately, you want to build loyal clients that will continue to conduct business with you. In order to do that, you have to not only appeal to the business operations side of things but also to the people behind businesses as well.

Your ticket to appealing to the people behind businesses, which in turn, humanizes your brand, is going to be in content marketing. One of the biggest benefits e-commerce sites experience in B2B content marketing is the fact that it sets them up as a trusted industry expert that your audience/clients can rely on.

By publishing high-quality content that’s beneficial to your audience, they genuinely appreciate and value the information you’re providing simply because you’re not shoving a “sell” down their throat. Providing relevant advice and solutions to problems in their niche is not only going to establish trust within your brand but it’s also going to make them want to do business with your business based on their own interactions with you.

So now the question is how can you leverage B2B content marketing for your e-commerce business in 2020? Well, there are quite a few methods you can use but to take full advantage of it before the year is up, you’re going to want to put these tactics to use.

Ways to Leverage B2B Content Marketing For Your E-Commerce Business

Take Full Advantage of the Power of Storytelling

We are in the era of the informed shopper, and with businesses, they’re only conducting business with you for two reasons… The products or services you’re selling is either helping them make money or helping them save money. Because of this, it dictates the way you create content.

While you may want to go right in for the hard sell, you have to fight that urge… a good story will always come before a hard sell, and according to Forbes, the best writers are good storytellers.

Storytelling is a great way to connect with your audience. Every business has a story and you can feel assured in knowing that if your business has helped any business make or save money, they’ll be even more willing to buy from you when they know your story.

Content marketing is something that extends way beyond the products you’re selling and you have to remember that even though B2B content marketing has a transactional end goal, you’re targeting the people behind the business and they’re humans just like you.

When you create B2B content, writing for the people is one of the secrets to writing business articles that people want to read. That means you don’t have to always use business words or jargon, unless your audience responds well to it. You just have to pay attention to who your audience is and tell your story in a way that they will understand and receive.

As humans, we naturally gravitate to stories, especially when the story is similar to our own story. This connection you can make to potential clients through storytelling has the power to drive your audience to not only buy but also become a loyal client.

Provide Personalized Experiences

Just like customers want a personalized shopping experience, so do businesses, despite their efforts to make everything “strictly business.” Your clients need to be able to identify with the content you create, and they’re going to be able to do that by personalization.

You can personalize your content in three ways. You can personalize it by stage, persona, and by segment.

Content personalized by the client’s stage allows you to cater to your client’s needs in the beginning, middle, and end of their buyer’s journey. Creating content for these stages is going to help them in any phase of their journey, allowing them to make better-informed decisions about a purchase.

Content personalized by personas is going to not only help you create the right kind of content but it’s also going to make your content more persuasive and make your audience want more. It’s going to make them feel like you created the content just for them.

Content personalized by segment is the most popular simply because it resonates the most with your clients. With segment-based personalization, you’re targeting your audience based on data that tells you their job title, department, behavior, geographical location, and current industry, etc.

Ultimately, personalization lays the foundation to building strong relationships with your target audience. This will make conducting business not feel so transactional and cold.

Reach the Masses Beyond Written Content

Lots of people think that content marketing consists solely of blogging, and that’s just not the case… anymore; visual content is taking content marketing by storm. Content marketing comes in a number of different formats, it’s just up to you to figure out which format your audience will consume best.

The following are all great ways to connect with your audience in providing them with valuable content that their business can benefit from.

  • Infographics
  • Video content
  • Case studies
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars

It’s important to provide your audience with options on how they can consume your content. Doing so is not only going to help them consume your content better but it’s scientifically proven that visual content will help your audience retain the information they just consumed.

According to Brain Rules, when you hear information, you’re 10% likely to remember it three days later, but if you add a picture to that information, you’re 65% more likely to retain it. Plus, some people just don’t like to read and retain information better when they can see it or hear it.

All in All…

There are quite a few ways to leverage B2B content marketing but these top three ways are going to take your e-commerce business the distance in 2020. Whether you can do it on your own or turn to expert marketplaces like Shopify for content creation, your e-commerce business will not only expand but also be looked at as an industry leader simply from creating valuable information for your audience.

How do you plan to leverage your B2B content marketing to get your business through 2020?

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