We are a trading company that focused on Connecting Buyers & Sellers with together from Iran & all over the world
Our Main office located in Bandar Abbas and registered with the name “Persian Gulf Trading Co.”

Our goal is to introduce the best goods in Iran and the world and provide an easy and without intermediaries way to buy them. In this way, with the aim of eliminating intermediaries in the supply of goods and offer products at realistic prices, we hope to adequately respond to customer satisfaction.

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GlobalB2BTrade has the vision to proliferate the power of B2B online trading portals for valuable business amplification. We wish to amend and transform how traders interact and engage with each other as well as to devise a platform where customer satisfaction comes first. In correspondence to our values, we aim to morph into the most exceptional B2B marketplace with our steadfast dedication towards formulating ideal marketing solutions and everlasting support.

We take pride in driving the economic prosperity and improving the quality of trade by inaugurating mutually beneficial trade relations across the globe.

GlobalB2BTrade having cultivated a reputation as the most dominant online trading portals, strives to make trade easy for everyone. We endeavor to establish a reliable and credible online trading portal that will facilitates buyers and suppliers with their business operations. Our platform has successfully trounced all the challenges, shortcomings, and flaws of B2B platforms and is setting forward a transparent trading model. Our mission is to facilitate all traders by providing them with the accurate and dependable information about the products, buyers, and suppliers. We aspire to keep the key industry players updated with all the contemporary and latest inventions and innovations to amplify their trading experience.

From the trend of the market and with a far-sighted vision, GlobalB2BTrade is specially designed to intelligently address the fierce business competition by providing all its clients with a safe, dependable, and transparent trading medium. We are advantageously congregating a multitude of wholesale buyers, sellers, exporters, distributors, retailers, and vendors on one page. With our ceaseless efforts combined with unfaltering dedication and constant perseverance, we are engrossed in formulating a rich array of an innovative trading solution and exclusive features. GlobalB2BTrade believes in empowering individuals through new progressive features and functionalities that have under no circumstances been offered by any other B2B portal before.